questions & answers: using the japan rail pass

travel from tokyo to sapporo and tokyo to kansai area

travel from tokyo to sapporo and tokyo to kansai area


My friend and I will go to Japan this October. We planned to go to some places. The itinerary is as follows:

17 Oct - 20 Oct

Tokyo - Hokkaido - Tokyo

21 Oct

Tokyo - Kansai Area - Tokyo

22 Oct

Tokyo - Nikko - Tokyo

23 Oct - 24 Oct

Around Tokyo

Based on our itinerary above, i just want to know if we buy 7 - days JR Pass which cost approx 29,110 Yen each, can we ride all the trains or any other JR services by using this single pass? Or do we have to buy another JR Pass if the total of fares of the trains we'll be taking for the trip exceed the pass price. Eg:

Tokyo to Sapporo = approx 24,000 yen
Sapporo to Tokyo = approx 23,000 yen

I supposed that if we add up both price above, it will exceed the pass price hence, do I have to buy another pass for the other trip?

Is the pass valid if the total fares of a trip exceed it's price?

Kindly hoping for some explanation pertaining this as i am currently taking into consideration whether should I be taking flight to Sapporo or using the JR pass.

Thank you :)


Hi Mina,

Honestly, I would recommend purchasing flight tickets for your itinerary. Taking the train from Tokyo - Sapporo takes more than 9 hours and you will be spending most of your time on the train if you only have 3 days to see Hokkaido. You could also fly from Sapporo then to Kansai.

As for the JR Pass, it allows for unlimited rides during your trip. You could travel every day Sapporo and Tokyo if you'd chose to do so.

That said, even a 7 day JR Pass could help you make savings if you would cover Tokyo Kyoto and Tokyo Nikko with it.

Hope this helps,

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