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travel from tokyo to mount fuji and return

Travel from Tokyo to Mount Fuji and return


We are group of 4 people will be travel to Japan in October, we will stay in Japan for 7 days, we want to travel several places while we are there.

Tokyo - Mount Fuji - Kyoto

I have few questions like to ask:
1, Can I use JR within Tokyo City?
2. Car JR reach Mount Fuji?
3. Does JR travel from Mount Fuji to Kyoto?
4. Can I just buy the JR for Tokyo to Mount Fuji and Kyoto?

Thank you very much


Hi there,

1.) Yes the JR Pass covers travel within Tokyo on the local JR Network. Which includes most of the city.

2.) It depends on where exactly around Fuji you wish to visit. It is possible. In every case there are savings to be hard with the JR Pass but some places may require an additional ticket.

3.) Same as above. The Shinkansen to Kyoto is completely covered!

4.) Yes for visiting Kyoto alone I would recommend a JR Pass.

Hope this helps!

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