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travel from tokyo to kyoto and osaka

Travel from Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka

Hi I'm going to Japan for 7 days 6 nights and here's my itinerary:

  • May 29: Arriving in Tokyo
  • May 30 - June 01: Tokyo
  • June 01 - June 03: Kyoto and Osaka
  • June 04: Departing from Osaka

I will need airport transfers for both arrival and departure, can you suggest the best JR pass to get for my trip?


Hi there,

For a trip like this I recommend you look at passes and deals for the respective metropolitan areas and purchase a single bullet train ticket between Tokyo and Kyoto (¥13,520).

For Tokyo, you should take a look at the Narita Express/Suica Metro card deal, or the Tokyo Metro 2 day travel pass + Keisei Skyliner deals to save you money on your travel from/to the airport and around Tokyo.

For Kyoto/Osaka you should consider the Kansai thru pass. This pass covers most non-JR travel in the area, which includes local buses and metro/subways in Kyoto and Osaka and transport to Kansai International Airport. Here's a map if the Kansai thru pass coverage for you.

Hope this helps!

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How much cost all this?


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