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travel between hakuba and nachi falls

Travel between Hakuba and Nachi Falls

I will be travelling around Japan for 3+ weeks in May and am wanting to some advice: Would I be able to travel easily between Hakuba (Happo Pond) and Nachi Falls within a reasonable amount of time by train? Am finding HyperDia somewhat confusing, and as I have never been to Japan, the rail sysem is going to be very fresh for me. Will a JR Pass cover the lines between these two points? HyperDia first search results seems to indicate that there is a night train to Shingu, LTD. EXP (WIDE VIEW) NANKI 7. with the next train leaving around 6 the next morning. Will I be able to crash on a couch at the station until such a time?

Am looking on leaving Hakuba around about mid-afternoon to go down to Nachi. Any advise would be most appreciated


Hello there,

That is one long trip to make! It will basically take up a full day to get from Hakuba to Nachi.

You can use the JR Pass for the full trip, including the Nanki. There there is a small fare for the Nanki express for JR Pass users, as part of the route is traveled on private railway tracks.

Stations generally close during the night for security reasons, though some of the bigger stations remain open to a limited extend.

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