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transport from daiba

Transport from Daiba


I'm about to book my hotel at Grand Pacific Le Daiba.

I was just wondering if the Japan Rail pass is valid on the following:

1) Airport Limousine Bus company (From Narita International Airport)
2) Yurikamome Line (New Transit Yurikamome) - from Daiba Station to Simbashi Station
3) Rinkai line - from Tokyo Teleport station to Sinkiba Station

And if it's also valid for return trips too :)

I would be grateful is someone can get back to me!
Thank you!


Hi there,

Unfortunately neither the Airport Limousine Bus nor the Yurikamome and Rinkai line are covered by the JR-Pass as they are part of an other corporation.

You can use the Tokyo Monorail with the JR Pass but that won't get you all the way to your destination.

Hope this answers your question.

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Thank you for your reply!

I'm just wondering, does that mean it isn't a good idea to stay in Daiba if I want to travel into Tokyo and tour around Japan?

Will it cost me quite alot to travel in and out of Daiba for 2 weeks?

Is there an alternative way that I can travel that's covered by the JR pass and doesn't cost extra?

Other stations that I can transport from?
Bus that goes from Daiba to Tokyo?
If so, what is the duration of this travel?

As I'm thinking if I should look for another hotel.


Hi there,

It would depend what else you are planning to do in your trip to Japan.
If you are just staying locally in Tokyo the JRPass does not offer the best value but if you use it for a return trip to Kyoto for instance it becomes a great option. A normal ride from there to Tokyo will cost 200-350 Yen/one way depending on where you would like to go.

You can also use the JR-Pass Monorail to Tennozu Isle that is located in the Odaiba area but you may have to walk a bit further to your Hotel.

If you would want to reach here from the airport it with the JR-Pass it would be the following trip.

Narita Airport --> Tokyo by Narita express
Tokyo --> Hamamatsuchō by Yamanote Line
Hamamatsuchō --> Tennozu Isle by Tokyo Monorail

This journey takes about 90minutes.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel

Again thank you for your answer!

A few more questions:
1) Does the JR pass cover from Shibaurafuto Station to Tokyo?
2) Is there a bus that the JR pass covers that goes across the Metropolitan Expressway No.11?
3) Does the JR pass cover any bus travels in Japan?
4) Are you allowed to walk across the Metropolitan Expressway No.11 to go back to the hotel? - The walk is about 45min... good exercise to burn off some yummy sushi in the morning and on the way back! :D


Hi again,

1.) Shibaurafuto Station is served by the Yurikamome line which unfortunately is owned by an other company than JR.
The closest JR station is Tamachi, which is 1.3 KM walk from Shibaurafuto.

2.) Sorry not that I am aware. I did some searches for you but could not find any bus.

3.) The JR-Pass can be used a range of bus routes and local buses, here you can find bus routes that are covered.

4.) The express way is only a car road, without a pedestrian walk. I actually tried getting on there myself as well from Odaiba, I walked all the way until the water between Odaiba and the rest of Tokyo to find out I could not :(
However I great walk from Odaiba to Tokyo is via the Rainbow Bridge if you walk it after nightfall you can see a beautiful view of Tokyo and Tokyo Tower.

Sorry that it is so hard to get to Odaiba by the JR-Pass, I wish they would make a Shinkansen station there so you could ride there in style.

Best wishes,

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