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transferring at shinagawa station with jr pass

Transferring at Shinagawa Station with JR Pass


I have a JR Pass and was wondering how it worked with transferring at a station. Is it the same as exiting where I have to show my pass as a manned ticket gate or can I go straight to a transfer gate?

I will be travelling to Hiroshima from Tokyo via Shinagawa Station and just wanted to know the correct process. From the station map, there is an area which notes advise "Only when 'JR Pass' or 'JR East Pass' is used, the ticket reserved on JR East Web site 'JR East Tran Reservation' is a part of a possible receipt" ( Is this where we are required to go before transferring to the Shinkansen?

Also, is there a difference between a south and north transfer gate besides the location it is at the time you exit a train and besides the carraige location as per the carraige number on your ticket?

Thanks in advance!



Also, I'll be transferring at Shin-Osaka Station from one Shinkansen to another Shinkansen. Do I have to show my JR Pass to anyone/go through the transfer gates or can I go straight to the next platform (platform 20 to 21)?


Hello Mia,

Transferring trains is pretty straigtforward. You don't have to show your JR Pass (or any ticket) for normal train transfers. If you travel from normal train services to the Shinkansen, then you have to go through the Shinkansen ticket gate, here you only have to show your JR Pass.

There's generally no difference between the south and north ticket gate, except for location that is.

You don't have to show your JR Pass when transferring from one Shinkansen to an other, such as at Shin-Osaka.

Hope this helps,

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