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toyko to osaka

Toyko to Osaka

Greetings from California,

My son and I are traveling to Tokyo on November 21, and returning to CA on Nov 27th via Osaka. We plan to spend the weekend in Tokyo and then either fly or take the train to Osaka. Maybe even a day trip to Kyoto if possible.

How long is the train ride from Tokyo to Osaka?
How often does the train travel from Osaka to Kyoto?
Can we take the train from downtown Osaka to the airport?

Thank you so much. We are very excited to visit Japan!



Hi Michael,

With JR Pass, you can't use the Nozomi trains, so Tokyo to Shin-Osaka would be just under 3 hours.

Trains between Shin-Osaka and Kyoto are very frequent during the day and there will be at least 4 per hour when you consider both the Kodama and Hikaru services. The travel time is about 15 minutes.

Do you mean Kansai airport? If so, yes, there are trains from Osaka (and Shin-Osaka) to Kansai Airport. the time taken varies between about 50-70 minutes.

There are a couple of apps that you can download to look at Japanese train times on your mobile phone - I use 'Hyperdia' and it has an option to search only trains valid under the JR Pass...

Hope that helps!



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