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top up to go extra stations?

Top up to go extra stations?

Hi there,

For one day of my travels, I have to start at Kanazawa and take the Hokuriku shinkansen to Tokyo. I will have the new JR East Nagano Pass, but it only covers this shinkansen route between Tokyo and Joetsu - so I'm short a 5 stations. I am wondering if I could simply pay extra to cover the journey from Kanazawa to Joetsu and use my JR East Nagano pass for the rest of the journey to Tokyo, all without having to get off the train at Joetsu. There must be a way! I've heard that you can do it in reverse, ie just keep riding the shinkansen and when you come out of the station, you can go pay the difference at the booth. My situation is a bit different since I'd have to pay first. Would they allow this? Anyone done this before?

ps. Before anyone ask, I have considered the JR Pass and the Tokyo-Osaka Hokuriku Arch Pass. After comparing it against my itinerary, the JR East Nagano Pass is the cheapest and most flexible option for us.

Thanks everyone!


Hi there,

Japan is very flexible when it comes to paying the fares. You can buy a ticket for the difference beforehand, on board from the conductor or pay the difference when you arrive at your final station.

All works, in your situation it would be easiest to buy a ticket beforehand for the missing part and use your local pass from there.

Hope this helps,

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