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Hi =)

Hoping you can give us a little bit of help. We're arriving in Tokyo on Wednesday next week (9/4) from Australia and are just trying to work out whether we should consider JR Passes (either 7 day or 14 day) to cover the major travel section in the middle of our trip.

Our trip itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: Arrive Tokyo Haneda (16:00 9 April) so will catch train to city.
Day 2 to 6: General trips around Tokyo. Possibly 1 or 2 day trips. Considering an IC card.
Day 7: Early train to Takayama to arrive mid-day (for the festival).
Day 8: Takayama to Hida.
Day 9: Hida to Shirakawa-go to Matsumoto.
Day 10: Matsumoto to Kanazawa.
Day 11: Kanazawa.
Day 12: Kanazawa to Hiroshima, ideally departing around 2pm.
Day 13: Hiroshima.
Day 14: Hiroshima to Kyoto, stopping at Himeji.
Day 15 to 18: Kyoto. Possibly going to Takao on Day 17 then from Takao to Osaka (departing Japan) on Day 18.

We would likely need our passes to be sent to our Tokyo accommodation at this point, I'm guessing!

Thanks for any help =)


Hi there!

I checked your itinerary to see if a JR Pass would be useful. Below a list of prices you would pay for tickets without the JR Pass.

Tokyo - Takayama ¥ 15,220
Matsumoto - Kanazawa ¥ 8,800
Kanazawa - Hiroshima ¥ 16,290
Hiroshima - Himeji ¥ 8,290
Himeji - Kyoto ¥ 5,470

For a total of ¥ 54,070 or ¥ 7,680 in savings as the 14 day JR Pass is ¥ 46,390. The JR Pass is also valid for local travel in Tokyo and other places possibly adding even more to your savings.

Note that I left Takayama - Shirakawago - Matsumoto out, as I assumed that you would be using the bus for this part.

There's indeed little time left before your departure and shipping your pass directly to Japan is no problem, given that the order is placed before you leave for Japan. Please contact us directly at to get the details sorted.

Have a great time in Japan!

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Hi Daniel

Thanks so much for your help! Have sent you an email to sort out the details ... we've decided to splurge on 2x 14 day JR Green passes =)



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