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Our itinerary is:

on April:
14 : We arrive to Tokyo from Bogotá at 5pm
15 : Tokyo
16 : Tokyo / Nikko / Tokyo
17 : Tokyo am / Kamakura / Yokohama / Tokyo pm
18 : Tokyo
19 : Tokyo
20 : Tokyo am/ Kyoto
21 : Kyoto am / Nara / Kyoto pm
22 : Kyoto
23 : Kyoto
24 : Kyoto am / Osaka
25 : We'll fly from Osaka (Kansai) at 9am to Shanghai

if we only buy the 7 day pss, we'll be able to begin to use it on 20 of april to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto, and used to the rest of our trip untill when we're going to go from Osaka to Kansai to take our fly?

if this is my itinerary, what will be your advise?



Hi there!

I checked your itinerary for the best pass or ticket and although it was a bit difficult, I think that the best way to travel would be to buy tickets as you go. You could purchase a Suica + N'EX package upon arrival. This will give you a discounted ticket for to Narita Express into Tokyo and provide you with a Suica card which will make your travel around Japan a lot easier.

Have a great trip!

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How much is one way ticket from osaka to tokyo, we need to buy ourmticket ahead of time


A one way ticket Osaka - Tokyo is about 14,000yen. Trains depart every 10 minutes so you can buy the ticket right before departure.

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hello Daniel-san, thks for your answers.

Can you tell us, more pages or companies to find information about trains o tickets if we want to go:

a) from Tokyo to Nikko
b) from Tokyo to Kamakura and Yokohama
c) from Tokyo to Kyoto
d) from Kyoto to Nara
e) from Kyoto to Osaka

We've sought a lot, but didn't find

again thks!


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