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Hi, I will be traveling on a business visa to Tokyo. My family will also be traveling with me on a tourist visa. We plan to visit Kyoto and Hiroshima. I have a couple of questions and I would be grateful if you could help me on this: (1) Do you recommend the 7 day JR pass for a three/four day travel plan to Kyoto and Hiroshima and; (2) Is there is a restriction on purchasing the JR pass if I am travelling on a business visa (as against my family who will be on a tourist visa)? Thanks


Hi there,

To start with your visa, the JR Pass is only valid for travelers entering Japan under a tourist visa. This means that you won't be able to use the JR Pass with a business visa, or any other.

I do recommend using a JR Pass for your family, going from Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Tokyo can cost quite a bit and the JR Pass can help you make good savings here.

Hope this helps,


Many thanks Daniel. Your reply has been very useful.

Again, thanks and best regards.


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