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tokyo>hakone>kyoto>osaka: jr or single?

Tokyo>Hakone>Kyoto>Osaka: JR or single?


I just need someone to double check that I have my figures right. From the start, I had already decided on the 7 days JR Pass (28,300 yen). It wasn't until now that I decided to do a bit of calculating to see whether it was worth it (wholly convinced that it was) that I was shocked by my figures.

Here's my Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive at Narita airport --> Tokyo
Day 2 & 3: Tokyo sightseeing
Day 4: Tokyo --> Hakone (Odawara) - 1450yen
Day 5: Hakone (Odawara) --> Kyoto - 12,000yen
Day 6: Kyoto sightseeing
Day 7: Kyoto <--> Arashiyama - 460yen
Day 8: Kyoto <--> Nara - 1380yen
Day 9: Kyoto --> Osaka - 540yen
Day 10: Osaka --> Kansai airport - 1030yen

I only plan to activate my JR Pass on Day 4 and purchase the Narita Express from Narita to Tokyo. This brings the total to 16860yen in comparison to the JR pass of 28,300yen! Should I buy single tickets instead or have I got my figures wrong?

Please help! And thank-you so much in advance.


Hi there,

You pretty much take my job away! Your ticket prices are correct. I would recommend a JR Pass if you made a return Tokyo - Kyoto however now you basically travel one way (be it with a stop at Hakone) and it would be best to buy normal tickets.

Hope this helps and have a great trip!

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Awesome! Arigato Daniel-san!!!

Just another quick question: to reduce the amount of cash I'll be carrying on my person, will I be able to pay for the tickets by credit card at the stations? Thanks again!


Yes major credit card are accepted, you may be asked to show your passport when purchasing tickets. This because of fraud prevention, so keep it ready :)

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Thank-you for the handy tip Daniel-san! ^_^


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