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tokyo to yokohama port

Tokyo to Yokohama Port

I need to get from Tokyo to Yokohama port for a cruise on the 16/4/2016. I will have a 14 day JR Pass as I arrive in Osaka on the 2/4/2016. What is the best means to get from Shinjuku area in Tokyo to the Yokohama port using the rail system? I will have luggage with me and travelling alone in a manual wheelchair. Even if I can as close as possible to the port in Yokohama then this is okay because I can get a taxi from the train station to the port. Cheers Anne


Hi Anne,

Using the JR Pass, Yokohama station is probably the easiest choice to travel to. From there you can use a taxi or the metro (Tokyu Toyoko/Minatomirai Line Local) to get closer to the terminal. This is Nihon-Odori station.

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Thank you once again for the information. I do not feel so confused about the rail/metro system knowing which station to go to.


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