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tokyo to takayama/kanazawa - get 7-day rail pass?

Tokyo to Takayama/Kanazawa - get 7-day rail pass?

My 4-day intinerary is as follows:

Yokohama to Takayama
Takayama to Toyama
Toyama to Kurobe Gorge to Kanazawa
Kanazawa to Yokohama

Is it worth buying the 7-day pass or not?
Could you recommend any improvement on the itinerary? I am planning the trip in Mid November, is the weather cold in Shirakawago and Kurobe Gorge? Any advise would be most appreciated.




Hi there,

As Takayama is up in the Japanese alps, mid november will be starting to get pretty chilly in Takayama - (10-15C during the day and 0-5C at night) so make sure you wrap up warm and stay at an Onsen hot spring :)

Assuming you do a round trip to Kurobe Gorge back to Toyama before you head down to Kanazawa, here are your travel costs:

  1. Yokohama > Takayama: ¥13,770 (279mins, 511km)
  2. Takayama > Toyama: ¥1,620 (144mins, 89km)
  3. Toyama > Kanazawa: ¥2,610 (38mins, 59km)
  4. Kanazawa > Yokohama: ¥12,920 (284mins, 489km)

JR ticket cost: ¥30,920 for 4 legs

As you can see you'll make a small saving with a 7 day JR Pass. You'll also have some travel flexibility if needed and will have a further 3 days of free JR travel to use should you still be moving around Japan. (Note, the JR Pass can be well used in Tokyo, with many JR lines covering the city).

Hope this helps!

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