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tokyo to takayama > during festival time

Tokyo to Takayama > during festival time

Hi team

I want to travel from Tokyo to Takayama on 15 April, early in the morning (8 or 9am).

On Hyperpedia, it shows up trains leaving around 9am, which is perfect - but they are all Nozomi trains on the Tokyo-Nagoya leg... this means they are not valid for JR Pass, right?

Does this mean that there are only these trains available, ie: does Hyperpedia show all trains available?

Also, how do I go about securing a seat on this trip, as it's the Takayama festival on 14/15 April and I don't want to miss out. I live in Australia and will arrive in Japan (Tokyo) on 9 April - think it'll be too late to reserve it then, can I book/pay for this trip before I get to Japan?



Hi there!

When using Hyperdia to sure to SearchDetails and unselect the [NOZOMI / MIZUHO / HAYABUSA (SHINKANSEN)] option. Now other trains such as the Hikari and Kodama will be displayed, which are usable with the JR Pass. Just for reference, the complete trip Tokyo - Takayama is covered by the JR Pass and the Hikari Super express is used for travel between Tokyo and Nagoya.

It is hard to almost impossible to reserve seats when you are outside of Japan, however you can do so the moment that you land on the 9ths. Speaking from experience, this should give you ample time to buy tickets and secure seating.

I hope this helps!

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Perfect Daniel, thank you very much. Have a great day! I look forward to visiting Japan :)


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