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tokyo to sapporo

Tokyo to Sapporo

I used to know about can use jr pass for traveling to Sapporo from tokyo with the night train without fee. It start around 3pm in Tokyo then 6am in another day arrive Sapporo. I will travel on 25th jan 2015 but when i check the train timetables in hyperdia, i cannot find the route with night train. How come? Is it possible about that train does not run in winter season? And have any advice about going sapporo from tokyo on that day by using the jr pass.


Hi there,

The JR Pass does not cover the full fare for the night train between Tokyo - Sapporo. Also there's only a night train service between Tokyo - Sapporo 4 times a week, so it may not be running on the day when you wish to travel.

My advice would be to travel by day from Tokyo - Sapporo and use the Shinkansen. This route is completely covered by the JR Pass and can be travelled on a single day.

Here is an example itinerary.

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