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tokyo to kanazawa - reserving a seat online

Tokyo to Kanazawa - reserving a seat online


I've purchased a 2 week JRPass in preparation for my forthcoming trip in April. I land at Haneda on Monday 6th and would like to travel by Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kanazawa on Tuesday 7th.

I have been advised to book a seat before I get to Japan due to the new Hokuriku line extension being busy in the first few months. I would like to travel on the Kagayaki 507 Shinkansen, leaving Tokyo at 09:32 and arriving in Kanazawa at 12:06:

However, it doesn't look like I can book this :o( The JREast website does not include the Kanazawa station in its list of destinations on the newly opened Hokuriku line:

I'd be grateful for any opinions on what I should do. I could book a seat on this train from Tokyo to Nagano using JREast website. Then when I get to Haneda, speak with staff at JREast to see if I can extend the journey to Kanazwa? But this might just complicate matters?

Or maybe I don't need to book at all until I arrive at Haneda, but I've heard that because the Hokuriku line is newly opened, trains could be full.

Any help / opinions appreciated.


Hello there,

I looked into this some time ago. As it turns out, JR East can only reserve the part on the Shinkansen that is in there service area.

You can reserve seats beforehand for the part that is in the JR East domain and simply have to ticket re-booked once you are at the train station. There's a small chance that the seat will be reserved for the later part but this is very small as most people get on the Shinkansen at Tokyo station.

At the same time, the train will be in service for a couple of weeks when you travel - so I think that you'll be able to get tickets as well when booking them in Japan.

Hope this helps,

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