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tokyo to hokkaido or tokyo to nagano


I have booked for the flight to japan and also booked for hotel in Shinjuku Tokyo for 3 days but i have more 3 days non-planned. So I would like to ask question as below;

Arrive Haneda on 29th December 2013. I've planed for sightseeing and 2014 New Year celebration around shinjuku/ Ueno/ Asakusa/ Asakasa

1. Where is the best place to celebrate New Year 2014 in Tokyo?
2. Is it better to use JR Pass for both areas (HOKKAIDO/ NAGANO)? what kind?
3. How long it takes from Tokyo to HOKKAIDO and Tokyo to NAGANO?
4. Can I use JR Pass to Jigokudani Monkey Park from Nagano?
5. How long it takes from Nagano to Jigokudani Monkey Park?
6. Can I use JR Pass to Historical Village of Hokkaido from Sapporo?
7. How long it takes from Sapporo to Historical Village of Hokkaido?

If you have any other suggestion, please do.
This is my first time travel with my bestie and we travel by ourselves.

Thank you in adavence.


Hi there,

1.) This is hard to say, it really depends on what you like. If you want party, drinks and dance. Head up to Roppongi for a real blast. If you want to head outside for a massive count down go to Shibuya crossing and celebrate with the crowd.

2.) It depends on what you wish to see and visit in both area's. The JR Pass covers travel to both Hokkaido and Nagano. Only the normal JR Pass covers both areas.

3.) Travel time between Tokyo - Nagano is about 105 Minutes and travel to Hokkaido is about 7-10 hours depending on here to wish to visit.

4.) You can use the JR Pass to travel to Nagano, however the part from there to Jigokudani is traveled on a private railway not not covered by the JR Pass. You can find more information on how to access the park here.

5.) It depends on what route you use but expect about 2H of travel from Nagano to Jikokudani.

6.) Yes, you can take the train to Shinrin Koen Station and take a walk from there to the village. Its about 15-20 min to walk from the station, there's also a bus available.

7.) It depends on where you stay in Sapporo but count on 1H to get there.

I hope this helps!

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thanks Daniel

I got more question on other topic about JR Est pass and JR Kanto pass


The private local train from Nagano to Shibu Onsen (where the snow monkeys live at Jugokudani Park) takes about one and a half hours and is a beautiful trip...scenery is great. I stayed at "Hishiya Torazo" Inn. It was a lovely place to stay...beautiful baths and great Japanese style food...people really friendly. There are 9 ( ? ) public onsen baths in the town which you can try out if you have the time. One of my favorite places in Japan. The Snow Monkeys are fantastic.


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