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tokyo station to shin-kobe station

Tokyo Station to Shin-Kobe Station

I have recently purchased 2, 7 days passes for passage on the bullet train. I will be arriving in Tokyo on July 10th and taking the train from Tokyo Station to Shin-Kobe on July 12th. Is there anything I need to do upon arrival in Japan in regards to reserving 2 seats on the train? Also, how often does the train run from Tokyo station to Shin-Kobe station on the July 12th?



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In terms of reserving seats, provided you don't travel during rush hours, then you should be fine to reserve your seats on arrival at the station (or even use non-reserved seating). If you want to be very sure however you can always reserve your seats in advance by visiting the ticket counter in a JR station. Seat reservations are free for Japan Rail Pass holders and we have a good post on how to reserve seats here.

In terms of frequency, there are 2 Hikari Shinkansen per hour that will get you to Shin-Kobe. One is direct and one requires a change at Shin-Osaka. You should aim to get the direct trains that leave at 3 minutes past the ever hour to avoid having to change. Here are some sample routes for you to base your trip on.

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