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tokyo station to mt fuji 5th station

Tokyo Station to Mt Fuji 5th Station

Hello Admin-san,

We are group of 12 individuala who want to go to MtFuji 5th station from tokyo station(nearest station from apartment) using our JR pass 7 days. I could not track and search on the internet the best itinerary from tokyo to mt fuji 5th station. We really want to save money since we are going to buy the JR pass.

I need suggestion or best itinerary coming from you.
Thank you very much and I would really appreciate your answer.

Have a great day! :)


Hi there,

Unfortunately, you can't use the JR Pass to travel to Mt Fuji 5th Station as it is not a train station. Mt Fuji 5th Station is a starting point for climbing Fuji (base station) and can be reached by bus or car only.

Details can be found on this page.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for your answer Daniel San.

I just want to share the itinerary that I prepared for next year's trip to japan this coming April 18-26, 2017 total of 9 days. We plan to buy the 7 day JR pass. We are actually from Philippines and we are group of 12 people. I am the only one who will guide them, family and friends to take them to top tourist spots in Japan because it will be my second time in Japan so I'm quite familiar with the subways and train stations. I need someone who will evaluate or who can suggest better itinerary that I have prepared.

Day 1 - arrival in Narita airport
Check in apartment near Akihabara Station.
Half day tour to tokyo.
Tokyo Daiba
Day 2 - disneyland
Day3 - (activate jr Pass)Tokyo station to Kagawuchiko or Mt. fuji 5th station
Shinjuku Station - Tokyo metropolitan government
Day 4 - Asakusa Temple
Meiji Shrine
Yoyogi Park
Day 5 - Travel to Osaka via shinkansen
Osaka castle
Umeda skybuilding
Dontonbori / Shinshaibashi
Day 6 - Kyoto tour ( need more suggestions for this tour )
Day 7- Universal Studious
Day 8- Kobe/ Nara ( need more suggestions for this)
Day 9 - go back to narita airport or kansai night flight so we still have day in Japan.


1. Are all these trips covered by JR pass?
2. Is worth buying Jr pass for this trip?
3. Planning to go to hiroshima and Kobe? Where will I put it in my itinerary?
4. Is worth visiting the Mt. Fuji 5th station from kagawuchiko station?
5. Are all the top attractions in Kyoto can be covered by JR PASS? Example: bamboo forest and temples? 
6. (Day 1 to 3) since we're not going to activate the Jr pass yet how can we save money to go to the places that we want? Suica card or not (other options) ?
7. Since not all train stations covered by JR PASS, do we need to buy Suica card or single tickets only for private railways in case we're going to use it.

I am very sorry because i have a lot of concerns and questions. I hope you will help me with this.

Thank for your time and effort in reading all of these. Your answers will be much appreciated :)

Have a great day!


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