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Hi, is JR Pass for us?
Our travel is as follows:

8 May. Sin-Tokyo
Arrive Haneda Airport around 9pm.
To Nikko Hotel.

9 May. Tokyo
To Mount Fuji - advise JR travel.

10 May. Tokyo-Osaka
To Brighton Hotel

11 May. Osaka
To Nara (Deer Park) - advise JR travel.

12 May. Osaka
To Kyoto - Touring? Is it worth doing? Advise Jr travel.

13 May. Osaka-Tokyo
To Metropolitan Marunouchi Hotel

14 May. Tokyo
Snow monkey tour? Is it worth going? Advise JR travel.

15 May. Tokyo-Sin
Hotel to Narita Airport - dep 11am


Diana Saini
Diana Saini

Hello Diana,

I would recommend a 7 day JR Pass for your travel. The pass is about the same price as a normal return ticket Tokyo - Osaka. Basically any additionally is free, this includes local travel in Tokyo and Osaka as well as travel to Narita Airport on the 15th.

For travel to Fuji I would recommend a visit to Kawaguchiko, the better part of the route is covered by the JR Pass. To get to Kawaguchiko take the train from Tokyo to Otsuki station, from there you can use the Fujikyu line for the last part to Kawaguchiko (1,110yen).

In Kyoto is would recommend using the bus to travel around, there are not a lot of trains around the city. The bus system in Kyoto is very good and you can buy a one day pass for 500yen.

Hope this helps!

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