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I'm going to Japan for about 2 weeks. Since I'm on a tight budget I wasn't planning on getting the pass, given that my hotel isn't near any JR lines (only metro and toei) and that the only long trip I have planned is to Osaka. I was just thinking of buying the Nozomi tickets (especially given that I have to be in Osaka in very early morning) and that was it.

However, if there is a train included in the pass that can get me from tokyo to Osaka by 8:30am it would be cheaper, although I can't seem to find it through Hyperdia (that option seems to only be possible with the Nozomi trains which I've been told are not included). I'd like to know if this is true, or if there's any other option that allows me to get the pass and make my deadlines.

I'll appreciate any and all help given, thank you very much!


Hi there,

Somehow I am not sure that I fully understand you question. Do you need a train to arrive in Osaka at 8.30? There one route that looks like this. Although this is using the Nozomi.

So I would suggest taking this one if you just go one way and need to be there in the morning.

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