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tokyo, nagoya and takayama

Tokyo, Nagoya and Takayama

I am planning to travel to Japan on 28 Nov, with total of 15 nights.
I had previously only stay within a city in Japan, either Tokyo or Osaka, this is the first time I will be travelling to another city within the same trip.

I had plan to spend 7 nights at Nagoya and Takayama with day trips to shirakawa-go and maybe Shinhotaka Ropeway,
and 8 night in Tokyo.

Do I need the JR Pass, or will it be cheaper to fly domestically from Tokyo to Nagoya, as I will only use JR pass to from Tokyo, Nagoya and Takayama? I cannot use the JR pass on Narita express.

Using goggle map, it shows driving time to Takayama from Chubu airport is 2hr 51 mins, whereas train range from 3hrs35 mins to 4 hrs.
As I have 2 children and sizable luggages (read: 2 big luggages) I am thinking if flying and driving will be easier than taking the train.

Thanks in advance for all the help.
By the way, will it snow at Takayama in end Nov?


Hi there,

I guess it comes down to personal preference but personally I would rather take the train than rent a car in a foreign country and also add a domestic flight (including all procedures that come with flying). For the train, you just get in, sit back and relax. At the same time, I do understand if you are more familiar driving.

As for the JR Pass, a 7 day JR Pass can help you make good savings if you can include a return Tokyo - Takayama with it (Nagoya is a stop on the way). The Pass is also valid for the Narita Express.

Hope this helps!

PS: I don't think there will be snow yet in Takayama city but maybe higher up in the mountains.

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