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tokyo nagoya

Tokyo Nagoya

Hi , I am a tourist going to Japan in early March for 6days to and from Tokyo NRT airport.

But I actually changed my mind to go to Nagoya from Tokyo. It is good but not necessary for me to go back Tokyo for one-day stay in between the trip.

And I want to take a quick route for Tokyo <--> Nagoya to save time so any of 3 shinkansen would be good.

Is there any pass i can buy ? or just buy tickets each time ? And how much does it cost?




I want to go from TOkyo airport NRT to 常滑市(Tokoname-shi)actually . Thanks ;)


Hi there,

Do you wish to travel to Nagoya one or 3 times? A 7 day JR Pass can help you save money if you travel between Tokyo - Nagoya at least twice. A normal return ticket is around 22,000yen while a 7 day JR Pass is 29,110yen.

Here is the entire route between Narita Airport and Tokoname, see option 5!

Hope this helps,

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