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tokyo, mt fuji, hakone, koyoto, osaka trip

Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Hakone, Koyoto, Osaka trip


I am trying to find individual fares for my upcoming trip to Japan, in order to see if the JR Pass for 1 week is the best option or not and really need some advice.

So my plan is:
Days 1-7 / Tokyo
Day 8 - Day trip to Mt. Fuji
Day 9 - Tokyo - Hakone Yumoto (I would like to take the Romance Car for this trip)
Day 10 - Hakone Yumoto - Kyoto
Day 13 - Kyoto - Osaka

What I would like to know is:
- how much would be the price for each individual trip - where can i buy individual tickets online? - is it worth better to buy the JR Pass?

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For schedules, see Hyperdia .

But if you are only going one way, a JR Pass would not pay off.

You can also use regional passes:


Thank you very much, it is very useful indeed.

I only want to understand what are my options to buy the tickets - can I buy them online or can I only buy them after arriving in Japan? If possible I would like to buy them ahead in order to find seats.

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It depends on the pass. Many you can buy before arriving in Japan, and even save a little that way. But some may not allow advance seat selection, and those that do are generally done in a JR office.


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