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tokyo metro and kyoto

Tokyo Metro and Kyoto


I've had a good search through first to try and find my answer, but just can't piece it all together and feel confident, so would appreciate a little confirmation.

I arrive in to Narita and want to travel straight to Tokyo, stay in or close to Tokyo for 3 days then visits Kyoto, Osaka and Mt Fuji.

Will the JR Pass cover the train from the airport, the subway in and around Tokyo and then to Kyoto, Osaka, Mt Fuji and back to Narita? My understanding is that in Kyoto i'll need to get busses to visit other places.

Total trip is 10 days.

Thank You


Hello there,

The JR Pass covers travel from Narita Airport - Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka and part of the way to Fuji. You can also make good savings if you use the JR Pass to travel this route.

Within Tokyo and Osaka, there's an extensive local train network and the JR Pass can be used on all JR lines. This is enough to see most of both cities. Some areas, as well as travel in Kyoto require additional transport that is not included in the JR Pass. Such as the city bus and metro.

As for Fuji, there are different routes and approaches to make. To learn more see our Fuji page.

Hope this helps!

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