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tokyo-matsumoto-takyama-kanazawa-kyoto 7 days pass

Tokyo-Matsumoto-Takyama-Kanazawa-Kyoto 7 days pass

I have 14 days in the start of September in Japan, looking to book a 7 day pass, to do the following route
Tokyo - 3 nights
Tokyo - Matsumoto for the day for then to go to Takayama (has been suggested bus on this stretch) stay in Takayama for one night for then to travel to Kanazawa staying 1 night then going to Kyoto for 4 nights. Travel to Nara , Uji and Himeji from Kyoto.

Is it possible to cover the route over with JR pass? (besides the day 14)
Is it suggested to start the JR pass when going to Matsumoto?

one dilemma..would love to go to Nikko as well... but it looks like it could be difficult travelling Tokyo-Nikko - Matsumoto + time consuming?..

Flying from possible Osaka day 14 out of Japan, how much would a single ticket cost?
or is it closer cities to Kyoto I can fly to Hong Kong from?

Thank you in advance!!!


Hi there,

Yes, you can cover the above route with a JR Pass. It will be a bit busy so I recommend looking at all the routes and ask yourself if you want to travel so much. The JR Pass can not be exchanged in Matsumoto but you can do so at any other exchange station beforehand.

I think Nikko would be a bit too much to fit in 7 days but you could do it as a day trip from Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Daniel-san
Thank you for your reply!

I will be in Japan for 14 days, but to make the most out of the 7 day pass I wish to go via Matsumoto - Takayama - Kanazawa for then to Kyoto, and use the pass on this stretch and the first day/s of my stay in Kyoto.
Again thank you for your response!!

Where can I get orientated regarding timetables for the different cities? for bus and trains?

Thank you in advance!!



Hi Åse,

No problem! You can learn about finding Time tables here:

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