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tokyo-kyoto-naoshima-shodoshima-hiroshima-tokyo - should i buy 7-day or 14-day pass

Tokyo-Kyoto-Naoshima-Shodoshima-Hiroshima-Tokyo - Should I buy 7-day or 14-day pass


This is my itinerary. wonder if I should buy JR Pass (7 day or 14 day) or other regional passes? Appreciate if you can help.

21 Nov - Arrived Tokyo at midnight
22 Nov - Tokyo (stay at Tokyo)
23 Nov - Tokyo to Kyoto
24 Nov - Kyoto-Osaka-Kyoto (stay at Kyoto)
25 Nov - Kyoto-Nara-Kyoto (stay at Kyoto)
26 Nov - Kyoto-Naoshima (stay at Naoshima)
27 Nov - Naoshima (stay at Naoshima)
28 Nov - Naoshima-Shodshima-Naoshima (stay at Naoshima)
29 Nov - Naoshima to Hiroshima (stay at Hiroshima)
30 Nov - Hiroshima to Tokyo
1 Dec- Tokyo (depart at 11:45pm)

Thank you.


Hi there,

Definitely the 14 day JR Pass! You'll be traveling a good amount all together and you'll make good savings using the JR Pass. Not only that but it will also cover rail travel between all of the above places.

Also nice to know if that the JR Pass covers the Hiroshima sightseeing bus and ferry to Miyajima island.

Hope this helps,

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