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tokyo-hakone/fuji- kyoto-osaka-nara-kobe-hiroshima-osaka

Tokyo-Hakone/Fuji- Kyoto-Osaka-Nara-Kobe-Hiroshima-Osaka

What JR pass should i get? Im confused as there are separate day or 3 day passes in Hakone and Kyoto. Thanks
Day1 Tokyo Shinjuku Shibuya Harajuku
Day 2 Disney Sea
Day 3 Tsukiji and Odaiba
Day 4 Harajuku Halloween Parade
Day 5 Mitaka (Gibli Museum)
Day 6 Tokyo Ueno Asakusa Akihabara
Day 7 Hakone- Fuji
Day 8 Tokyo Ramen Show
Day 9 Kyoto Akashiyama
Day 10 Kyoto
Day 11Kyoto
DAy Kyoto
Day12 Osaka Namba
Day 13 Universal Studios
Day 14 Nissin Ramen Museum
Day 15 Nara
Day 16 Kobe
Day 17 Hiroshima
Day 18 Osaka



Hi there,

Nice Ramen trip you are planning there! However I am not completely sure what your question is?

The JR Pass is only available in 7, 14 or 21 days. What are the 3 day passes you are referring to?

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Should i get a JR wide pass for 14/21 days getting around tokyo and for longer travel to hakone and back then to Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Hiroshima (not sure if i can use JR pass to Hiroshima)

then also buy a separate day passes for hakone/fuji, another 3day osaka pass and 3 day kyoto pass to go around the areas?

what if i just buy the separate passes per area then just buy individual tickets for the long trips.

There are so many kinds of passes i don't know which one to get that will be most economical for our trip. which ones to pay individually, which ones to get as a package.

please help. :)

thank you so much


Hi again,

A 14 day JR Pass would work best for travel from day 6-18. This will give you the best possible savings and the JR Pass also covers travel to Hiroshima. This would give you the best possible savings. You can indeed buy local passes like the Hakone Free Pass for Hakone.

You can also use our Fare Calculator to see how much you can save using the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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