questions & answers: using the japan rail pass

tokyo- kyoto- tokyo- hitachi seaside park- tokyo ( 1 week)

Tokyo- Kyoto- Tokyo- Hitachi Seaside Park- Tokyo ( 1 week)

Hi Daniel san,

I am planning to viist Japan in November and would like to ask some questions related on JR pass before purchasing it.
My schedule are as below

5th November: arrive to Narita airport around 10am in the morning. Staying at Tokyo ( Ikebukuro area) for 2 nights
7th November: Take train to Kyoto. Staying at Kyoto for 3 nights
10th November: take train from kyoto back to Tokyo, staying for Tokyo ( Asakusa) for 1 nights
11th November: Take train rom Asakusa area to Hitachi Seaside Park

  1. Will getting a JR pass for this trip be worth it? Are there any other passes I can consider?
  2. How does I go from Airport to Ikebukuro and from Asakusa to Narita Airport? Which train should i take?
  3. How does i go from Asakusa area to Hitachi Seaside Park? Can i use JR Rail pass or do i have to buy another ticket train? Which line should i take during this journey?
  4. Will it be very cold at Hitachi Seaside park during mid November?

Looking forward to hear from you and thank you very much


Hello there,

1.) Yes, the JR Pass is certainly worth it for your trip. A 7 day JR Pass is about the same prioce as a normal return ticket Tokyo - Kyoto using the Shinkansen. From there is is easy to make savings with any additional travel, think about Hitachi, local travel in Tokyo on the JR and to Narita Airport.

2.) The Narita Express can be used directly from Narita Airport to Ikebukuro and from Asakusa, take the metro to Ueno station For there you can use the Narita Express to the airport.

3.) You have to use the metro (3 stops) from Asakusa to Ueno, from there the JR Pass will take you to Hitachi. The station name is Kasuta station. Here is an example route.

4.) Depends on the weather, however I dont think that it will be freezing.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much for your reply. We have bought JR Rail Pass ( 7 days original), however, i just realized that our trip actually is 8 days, instead of 7 days. ( From 5th Nov- 12th Nov)

May i know if the 7 days must be used continuous 7 days or each day we use, they will consider as 1 day taken. For example: We want to use the JR Rail Pass ( 7 days) on 5th to 10th November( 6 days) and also on the 12th Nov ( 1 day).11th November we will not take train to use JR Rail Pass. Is it possible? If not then what would be another alternative option ( Save cost) for us?

We want to make use of the JR rail pass on the 1st day we arrrive from Narita Airport to Ikebukuro and on the last day when we take train from Asakusa to Narita.

MAy i know how much is the single trip from Asakusa to Narita?
Looknig forward to your advise.


Hi again!

Sorry for the late replay.

The JR Pass is for consecutive days. This means the pass expires after 7 days.

There is no direct train from Narita to Asakusa with the JR. The best way is to travel to Ueno station with the Narita Express or Keisei line and use a local train/metro from there to Asakusa.

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