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tokyo- kawaguchiko - osaka - kyoto

Tokyo- Kawaguchiko - Osaka - Kyoto

Hi there,

We are planing a trip to fly down to Haneda then spend a few down walk around Tokyo & Disney land
then leave to Kawaguchiko then Osaka and to travel around Kyoto and Gobe if the time allows.

  1. what the best way to utilize my JR pass ? if it worth to buy 7 days pass for all JP area? or should i just buy the Kansai JR pass to travel around Osaka- Kyoto and Gobe ?
  2. If i take a bus from Shijuku to Kawaguchiko, can i use the JR?
  3. What's the best way to travel from Kawaguchiko to Osaka using JR? or possible to take Shinkansen to save time?

Thanks so much and hope to hear from you guys!


Hello Pla,

1.) You could consider a 7 day JR Pass if you also use it for returning to Tokyo. Otherwise it makes more sense to buy normal tickets. The JR Pass can be used on the Shinkansen between Tokyo - Osaka.

2.) No, the bus is not covered by the JR Pass. You could use the train to travel to Otsuki station and use the Fujikyu line (non JR, 1140yen/one way) from Otsuki to Kawaguchiko. This way you can make some savings with a JR Pass.

3.) This is not an easy route. The best way is to return to Tokyo and take a Shinkansen from there. Or use a bus to Mishima station and take a Shinkansen from there. The route will take up the greater part of a day. Therefor I would advise traveling to Kawaguchiko as a day trip from Tokyo, then travel to Osaka to the following morning.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks, Daniel for your info.

We will fly back home from Osaka then I guess I'll not get the JR pass this time as it won't cover the cost of bus from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko. Then we will take bus to Mishima to take shinkansen to Osaka.

:) Pla


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