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tokyo - sapporo - kyoto/osaka xmas and new year trip

Tokyo - Sapporo - Kyoto/Osaka Xmas and New Year trip

Hello there,

I'm planning to go to the above places in december. But i cant help worrying about the train schedule and reservations.

1) Im going to reach narita airport on 20th december noon and would like to grab a shinkansen to sapporo. Considering it is winter and the train schedule are not out yet, can i still make it in time to travel to Sapporo within the same day?
And when will the latest train schedule for december will be updated?

2) i would love to give a shot to your night train from osaka to tokyo on 29th Dec. but then i read that it would need at least a month to reserve a place and i only can do it once i activate my pass in japan. Is it the only way? It such a waste not being able to enjoy one of the remaining night trains in Japan. 😢

Hope to hear great news from you soon.

Warmest regards,


Hello there,

1.) It depends on what time you arrive, keep in mind that its 9-10 hours of train travel coming from Narita Airport to Sapporo and only with an early departure would it be possible. I don't know when the latest train schedule will be released but generally changes are minimal and you can use the current time table as reference.

2.) Will be really hard to get tickets for the Sunrise express and this period, better to plan on travelling using the Shinkansen. Its only possible to make reservations in Japan, unless you have a friend who can do so for you, it will not be possible to buy tickets abroad.

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