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tokyo - osaka - kyoto - niseko - tokyo with jr?


Hi there,

We are 2 friends travelling to Japan with the below itinerary:

Tokyo 19/11 - 21/11
Osaka 21/11 - 25/11
Kyoto 25/11 - 30/11
Niseko 30/11 - 2/12
Tokyo 2/12 - 6/12

With a total of 18 days to the above cities, I was thinking about getting a 14 days JR pass from 21/11 to 4/12 to cover travels between cities. Some friends said i should fly from Kyoto to Niseko as Shinkansen is not the most convenient option. Also, I am a bit confused about JR, private train lines and metro, would anyone be able to help me clarify the differences between them please? Thank you so much in advance!!!


Hello there,

The JR Pass will cover all your travel between the above places and you would make outstanding savings compared to purchasing normal tickets.

That said, making the trip Kyoto - Niseko, is quite a long ride and this is likely why your friends recommended flying. I looked up the route by train and while you could do it in one day, it is 11 hours of rail travel. If you do want to do it by rail, then it may be nice to book in 1 stop over. When it comes to budget, using a JR Pass here will by far be the best option.

As for private railways, you will find these locally. For instance think of the metro, this is not run by JR and normal tickets will be required.

Hope this helps,

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