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tokyo - kyoto - osaka

Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka

Hi , I'm indonesian . I will travel to Japan at September to October . I have some question abou JR Pass and Shinkansen .

  1. What should I take if I want to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto ? And where I can find timetable for the train / shinkansen ?

  2. What shoul I take from Kyoto to Osaka ? And Please let me know for the timetable too ...

  3. Is it cheaper using JR Railpass or buy another ticket ?

  4. Can I use JR Railpass for other transpotation like Bus , Subway or other ?

Thanks :)


Hi Renata,

You can find time tables via here you can find any train/route.

I recommend using a JR Pass if you make a return trip to Tokyo after Osaka, otherwise buying normal tickets would be the better option. The JR Pass is valid on all JR lines nation wide but not transport that is run by other companies, such as the metro.

Hope this helps,

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