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tokyo - kyoto - (osaka) - hiroshima - tokyo

Tokyo - Kyoto - (Osaka) - Hiroshima - Tokyo

we plan a trip to Japan (our first one) from December 12th - 19th, 2015.

I want to start in Kyoto (Stay in Hotel for 3 nights - Alternative location Osaka) and visit form there Hiroshima, Kyoto and Osaka). Then I would ike to travel from Tokyo where we stay another 3 nights.
From there I would like to visit Fukushima area and Mt. Fuji.

My questions:
1, would all these trips be covered by JR Pass trains (I would go for the 7 day - Standard)?
2, Is it better to arrive at Osaka Airport Kansai and go by train from there to Kyoto or have a flight to Tokyo and go by train to Kyoto?
3, Are Tokyo Narita and Haned both connected to JR Pass with dedicated stations?
4, ist there any Tokyo- and/or Kyoto internal train/bus network covered with my JR pass?

Many thanks in advance


Hello Gerd,

1.) Going for a JR Pass is well recommended for your itinerary. You'll be using the JR Pass a lot and this JR Pass will allow you to make very good savings.

2.) It is much easier to travel from Kansai Airport to travel to Kyoto than from Tokyo/Narita Airport.

3.) Yes both stations can be reached using the JR Pass.

4.) The JR Network both in Tokyo and Kyoto is covered. The JR Pass covers most of Tokyo but is limited in Kyoto. Other transport such as the Metro is not covered.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much for quick answer


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