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tokaido hokuriku pass

Tokaido Hokuriku Pass

Dear Officers,

I had post the questions for 2 times but cannot see my post yet.

However, i will be at Osaka on tomorrow and using the Tokaido Hokuriku pass.
May i ask few questions
1.I wanna go to GERO, can i use this pass to Nagano by Shinkanzen, if cannot please suggest how?
2.I will be at Takayama on the Day6 of the trip, where can i activate the JR Pass.

Thank u and need help



Hi there,

Please note that here at we only focus on the JR Nation wide pass.

Its best to contact your point of sale directly with questions regarding to area passes.

Thank you!

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Thanks Daniel,
I arrived Gero safely, and will start the trip soon.
After we have the first perfect onzen here!!


Its very nice! Was lucky enough to visit it myself earlier this year.

There's a local eel restaurant, its very good though a bit pricey.

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