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time validity

time validity


I'm going to spend three months in Tokyo for business.

Now I'm in Italy (I'm Italian) and I'm thinking about purchasing a 7-day JRP ticket.
My question is: if I buy the ticket in August in Italy and I'll land in Narita on September 4th, will I be able to validate the ticket and use it in October or November?

When is the best time to validate the ticket?
I understood that the ticket must be validated and that the 7-day time starts from my first trip. Although the first trip must be spent maximum one month after validation. Is it correct? Could you please clarify this point?
Sorry for all of these questions.

Thank you so much for your answers!



Hi Luca,

The Japan Rail Pass can be activated any time up to 3 months from the date of purchase. At activation, you must specify an exact starting date. You can then specify this starting date for your 7 day validity period any time within 1 month.

As an example, if you were to purchase your JR Pass on 01 August:

  • The last date you could activate the JR Pass in Japan would be 01 Nov
  • If you were to activate on 01 Nov, the very last day you could start your 7 day validity period would be 01 Dec.

Hope this helps!

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that's great!
Thank you for your answer, now everything's clear.




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