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time is valid

Time is valid

Hi all,

First of all I've used JR pass on the past but the deal is that I remember that, when I did I had some issues with the period that it was considering valid (As I remember I think that I did a mistake and it lasted shorter than I calculated...)

Anyway, since I'm going to use it again and I want to avoid that mistake I want to ask. I'm arriving at Narita in 24/9 and I'm departing in 8/10 okay? So if I'll purchase a 14 days JR Pass and validate it on 24/9 it will last until 7/10 twelve in the midnight? Or until 6/10 twelve in the midnight?
I know it might be silly questions but I need to clear my concerns and be sure this time.

Thank you for reading, I would appreciate your help! :)


Hello there,

When counting days for the JR Pass it's important to count the activation date as 1. As it is also one of the days that the JR Pass is used. For instance if you have a 7 day JR Pass and activate it on the 2nd (of any month) then the last day of it's validity would be on the 8th. Sometimes I count on my fingers just to check if my calculations are correct.

In your case with the 14day JR Pass, The last day of travel would be 7/10 if you activate it on 24/9.

Does that help?

PS: you may also find our blog post about consecutive days useful.

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