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tickets or just show pass

Tickets or just show pass

Hi I just wondered what you do when you want to go on a particular train journey for example Tokyo to Osaka.
Do you need to go to the JR ticket office and tell them the train you want , show your pass and they issue you a ticket for that particular train and time or do you just go straight to platform and get on any train and thus your pass is the actual ticket. Thanks in advance for any reply.


Hello there,

It totally depends on how you like to roll! The JR Pass allows for ticket reservations to be made in advance free of charge.
See how "how to Guide" here. At the same time, each train also has non-reserved seats and you can just show the JRPass at the ticket gate and take a non reserved seat. Eitherway works, personally I prefer to take a reserved seat as I know that the seat is guaranteed and it saves time lining up at the platform for a non-reserved seats.

Hope this helps,

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