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the last train of the 7th day...

The last train of the 7th day...

If I start using my pass at the 1st day 8am, can I take the last train of the 7th day which will be an overnight train??
For example, the last train from Tokyo 22:10 to Osaka 06:52 is overnight.
I still get on train on the 7th day, will the time be expire in this case??


Hi there,

Yes this is possible, taken from the official JR Pass usage conditions:

*If you travel overnight on the last day your pass is valid, the basic fare will be covered as far as you travel, including train changes, until you first exit a station. However, surcharges are only covered for the train on which you were riding past midnight on the final day your pass was valid. *

The details can be found here.

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Thanks so much~~I can plan my journey now.


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