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the better use of jrpass

the better use of jrpass

Dear Daniel:
I read a few advice you gave to other travelers, which already gave us some ideas
thanks very much! Here is our question:
Should I get 7day or 14day JR PASS
Itinerary a follows:
Oct 20th - OCT 31th 2015
Oct 20th - arrive at 1:00PM in Narita airport and travel to Kyoto Japan
Tentative schedule in Kyoto Oct 21nd - Kyoto
Oct 22rd - Kyoto
Oct 23th - Kyoto day trip to NARA
Oct 24th - Kyoto day trip to OSAKA
Oct 25th - Kyoto day trip to Kobe
Oct 26th – travel to Tokyo
Oct 27th – 31st – stay in Tokyo and day trip to surrounding places and exploring the city
Oct 31st – leaving Japan from Narito Airport

Do you think the 7 day or 14 day pass would be better? Anything I am missing from itinerary that you would recommend?
we will definitely use the jr pass on the first day to Kyoto! but what about traveling in Tokyo?
Any suggestions for what to see, any interesting places or any festivals?
Thanks to all for the help!! We are so excited to visit Japan!
Brian and Helen Wu


Hello Brian and Helen Wu,

Planning is part of the fun when it comes to traveling and I see you've made a nice plan so far. Kobe is a city that somehow is forgotten a lot and I like that you've included it. Travel cost within Tokyo is relatively low and you'll be fine buying normal tickets for the last days there. There are also day pases available for the Tokyo Metro or the JR within Tokyo that can be helpful if you travel around a lot.

Generally I recommend making a day trip or two from the big cities such as Nara or Nikko. You've already included two, so instead of a day trip I think it would be nice to also focus on the cities themselves. For instance you have one full day in Kyoto, so be sure to research the city beforehand and visit the places that speak to you. I would at least recommend a visit to Nishiki Market and Kiyamizu-Dera.

If you have the time in Tokyo, Nikko does make for an amazing visit too but don't overdo it. The 7 day JR Pass will be fine, since you can return to Tokyo within its validity period.

Hope this helps,

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