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taking sunrise seto from osaka to tokyo

Taking sunrise seto from osaka to tokyo

i plan to take Sunrise Seto from Osaka to Tokyo on 7June midnight. I am buying 7 days JR pass, do i need to pay extra fare for this train? what kind of seats category that i can choose if i use JR pass? how can i reserve the seats? i am reaching Japan on 4 June. Thank you


Hi there,

Normal so called "Nobi Nobi" seats are covered by the JR Pass. You can reserve seats once you are in Japan and have exchanged the JR Pass. This can be done at any JR station.

Note that seats can be sold out days in advance and you may not be able to reserve seats in time. I'd advise trying the moment that you are in Japan and also have a plan B ready if you can't make it.

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