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takayama hokuriku pass or jr pass worth?

takayama hokuriku pass or jr pass worth?

Hi.. below is my planning itinerary for my 1st solo trip.I am a female in 20s.i assume it might be safe to travel alone in japan.. therefore your answer will be a lo help to me.

30th sept- haneda to shinagawa going to takayama via nagoya.
1st oct - takayama shirakawago kanazawa.(by nohi bus)
2nd oct - staying in kanazawa
3rd oct - kanazawa to koyasan via osaka namba
4th oct - staying in osaka
5th oct - kyoto
6th oct - kyoto (am thinking going to koga for the ninja house)
7th-11th oct Tokyo

my quetions are:
- am I better using 7 or 14 days jr pass or takayama hokuriku pass worth? - if I am using the takayama hokuriku pass which cover from nagoya to takayama, Does it mean from my 1st day trip shinagawa to takayama bia nagoya, i have to go out From the station in nagoya and get in again to start validate the takayama hikuriku pass
Or I can easily just show the shinagawa ticket office my hokuriku pass therefore I only
need to pay shinagawa-nagoya shinkansen and can freely transit in nagoya-takayama shinkansen?n
- can I just booked the nohi bus from takayama - shirakawago - kanazawa trip one day in advance? or should I prebooked days ahead?how to?
- does the takayama hokuriku pass include the shinkansen from osaka to kyoto as well?

Please give me suggestions on which pass suit me better? Or maybe should I buy kasai pass instead?

Thanks in advance


Hello there,

I reviewed your itinerary for possible options and a 7 day JR Pass would suit your itinerary best but only if you can use it to return to Tokyo with it. This would mean returning to Tokyo on the 6th of October (instead of of 7th). This does not mean a big change as you still can visit the ninja house and take an evening train to Tokyo. This covers all rail travel and would give you the best savings.

Alternatively, if the JR Pass does not work for you, then you could purchase a Hokuriku area Pass. This however does not cover the Shinkansen between Kyoto and Nagoya and you would have to purchase additional tickets for this. The Shinkansen between Kyoto - Osaka is also not covered but you can use a local service instead.

Hope this helps,

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Hi daniel,
Thanks for your response..actually I already booke my kyoto hotel on the 6th oct. It is refundable but with some I wont take the risk and will go tokyo as plan on 7th oct.

I also concern the takayama hokuriku pass will help a lot in my itinerary.

as the takayama hokuriku pass only available starting from nagoya to takayama.

so if I dont have any passes.. I can get shinagawa - takayama (change train in nagoya) tix for ¥13.930.

But if I want to use the takayama hokuriku pass, then I should pay for
shinagawa- nagoya tix for ¥10.360 and the rest nagoya-takayama tix which is cover by takayama.hokuriku pass
As counted in hyperdia actually cost ¥ 5.510.
Which mean dont save me much as well whether im buying the takayama hokuriku pass
or not.

My point is I would like to find any pass that can save me more.

As I counted the entire first 8days journey will cost me around
¥46.000 not included the local buses which is A LOT.



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