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takayama-hokuriku area tourist pass: exchange and seat reservation

Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass: Exchange and Seat Reservation

I will using Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass (travelling between Nagoya -Takayama-Kanazawa-Kyoto-Osaka). My Question is:
1) Where i can exchanging my pass in Nagoya? It is possible to exchange at Chubu Airport?
2) As soon as i exchange my pass, can i take it to ticket a ticket office and start making seat reservations (up to 4 times) for all my trip (4 days). For examples, at the counter ticket (JR-Nagoya)- i want make reservations for limited express

a) Nagoya - Takayama-31st Jan my arrival (immediately-nearest time) b) kanazawa - Osaka (1 feb limited express thunderbird) c) Osaka - Kyoto (1 feb limited business express d) Kyoto - Kanazawa (2 feb limited express thunderbird)

All this can be done at Nagoya Station?

3) Can i believe schedule- Hyperdia website to make all reservation?


Hello there,

We specialize in the JR Pass only and unfortunately I can't give you official support for the Hokuriku Area Pass.

My advise would be ask directly at the point of sale to confirm.

Assuming it works the same as the JR Pass (but in a limited area) you should be able to activate it at Nagoya station and start making reservations from there.

Hyperdia is also correct and you can trust it to build your itinerary with.

Enjoy Japan!

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