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takayama-hokuriku area tourist pass.

Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass.

I got my Takayama Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass, and I just got to know that it does not cover any of the shinkansen, not even the Hikari.
Hence, I need help to re-plan my route.

Day 1 (18.3.15) : Kansai Airport --> Kanazawa --> Shirakawago.
- kansai Airport to shin-osaka : ltd exp haruka 4. - shin-osaka to kanazawa : ltd exp thunderbird 7. - Kanazawa to shirakawago : nohi bus

Day 2 (19.3.15) : Shirakawago --> takayama
- Shirakawago --> takayama : nohi bus .

Day 3 (20.3.15) : Takayama --> Kyoto.
- Takayama to nagoya : ltd exp (wide view) hid a. - nagoya to kyoto : shinkansen hikari / nozomi --->> not cover by takayama-hokuriku pass (need to buy the trip separately, do I need to pay for seat fee or only the basic fare ?)

Day 4 (21.3.15) : kyoto --> Nara --> kyoto
- kyoto to nara: JR nara line local - nara to kyoto: JR nara line local

Day 5 (22.3.15) : Kyoto --> Arashiyama
- can it be used for JR sagano line / randen arashiyama/ Hankyu Arashiyama Line ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

Please note that we are not an agency who sell the Hokuriku Pass and we don't give official support either. Still I don't mind giving you some directions :)

As you know, the Hokuriku pass does not cover the Shinkansen. You'll have to buy a normal ticket Nagoya - Kyoto, which is ¥ 5,390 on a Hikari Service.

The pass does not cover travel to Arashiyama (as far as I could find out).

Hope this helps,

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