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suica nex pass on metro and jr trains tokyo

Suica NEX pass on metro and JR trains Tokyo

Hi Daniel

We plan to purchase a 7 day JR Pass together with a round-trip Suica NEX pass for our 14 days trip in Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka-Toyko for a family of 5 in late Dec13 - early Jan14.. We will arrive at and depart from Narita airport. We plan to spend most of our time within Tokyo and use Kyoto as the base for visiting Osaka and the surrounding areas.

(1) Apart from the Narita airport to Tokyo Express train, could you kindly advise if the Suica-NEX pass can also be used on all RJ trains (especially on the JR Yamanote line) and all 13 Metro trains within Tokyo?

(2) I have also noted that the Suica + NEX pass is valid for 14 days. is it time stamped? We will arrive at Narita @17:00 on the first day and depart on the last day (14th ) of our trip @ 14:00. Is this OK ?

This is our first trip to Japan.

BTW, your posts are very informative and helpful.

Thank you.



Hi Yjcheng,

Sounds like a great plan, especially for a first time visit.

1.) The Suica card can be used on all public transport methods in Tokyo, including all of the the JR and Metro. Do note that you won't have to use your Suica card if you travel with your JR Pass on local JR lines in Tokyo, such as the Yamanote line.

2.) The tickets are numbered by date, this means that the return to Narita Airport has to be made within 14days, where the day of purchase is counted as the 1st day. You should be okay if you return on the 14th day :)

One other recommendation, once you return to Tokyo and still have time left on your JR Pass. Consider making a day trip to one of the surrounding areas around Tokyo. Great options include Nikko, Kamakura or Yokohama.

I hope this helps!

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