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spelling mistake in jrpass

Spelling mistake in jrpass


my name is foreigner in my country, so it can be written Judit or Judith, depending on the person who writes it.
i ordered a jrpass some days ago and i wrote my name as"Judith". but now i've realiced in my passport my name appears as "Judit"
could it be a problem to validate the jrpass in narita airport??

i've got my debit card with my name written as "Judith" and in the card also appears my ID number. moreover in my passport, in my signature my name is written "Judith".

do you think the jrpass could be validated?? i'm worried if i go to japan and i'm unable to use it... :(



If you carry other forms of ID with you with all your different names (preferably with photo), I think it could be explainable at the JR ticket counter - but be prepared for some questions, the ticket staff are very thorough!

If you have time, you can return it to your place of purchase and they should be able to issue a replacement for you. If there is no time, then perhaps you could consider preparing a written note in Japanese explaining your situation to present on arrival. - if you purchased from, email us your details and we should be able to arrange something.

Hope this helps!

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