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sleeper train tokyo to miyajimaguchi

Sleeper train Tokyo to Miyajimaguchi

Hi JR Pass experts!

After having read your blog on sleeper trains and the various existing questions in the forum, i'd like to ask your thoughts/suggestions on taking a sleeper train from Tokyo to Miyajimaguchi the day we land. Either taking the limited express Sunrise Seto or Sunrise Izumo.

We arrive at Narita airport at 14:05 and will begin our adventures in Miyajima the next day.
We're thinking of taking to train to Tokyo station, storing our luggage then shop around Akihabara. Looking at Hyperdia there are possible options to take the sleeper train at 10PM and 3 transfers.

Our question is... is this possible? Is it likely the seats will be fully reserved on a weeknight? Should we have a plan B?

Any other suggestions/ possibilities very welcomed!



Hi there!

It is truly hard to tell, sometimes there are seats available on the day of depature, other times the train is fully booked weeks in advance. Week nights generally are a lot easier to get tickets for.

However if you do get the chance to ride the Sunrise Express, I would say go for it! Night trains are becoming more scarce by the year and the experience is amazing! The Sunrise express is one train until in splits at Okayama station where one part goes north to Matsue and Izumo and the other goes down to Takamatsu and Shikoku.

Like always - before you have the actual tickets - be sure to have a plan B, be it a Capsule Hotel Stay or just a business hotel. The great thing about Japanese society is that it is build around people not getting home at night and there are many hotels that you can just walk into at any hour.

Have a great trip!

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the helpful info.

After reading this post ( I have a couple more questions if you don't mind.

Is it possible to reserve tickets on the Sunrise Express trains when they become available, outside of Japan and as a JR pass holder? Is there an express charge for these trains?

On the odd chance that all free nobi nobi seats are fully reserved, how much more for 2 people will it be to reserve twin accommodation on this train?

We will definitely have a plan B installed. It is reassuring that we can walk into a hotel at any hour to find accommodation.

Thanks again.



Hi Natalie,

It is only possible to reserve the Sunrise Express once you land in Japan. The only way to to it before is to ask a friend in Japan to reserve the tickets for you but they would have to pay the full price for you.

The Nobi Nobi seats (think carpeted bunk beds) are free of charge with the JR pass the price of a private compartment is discounted but still requires an extra fee. I looked at difference sources but they all quote a different fee ranging from 9,500-11,500 / person. A more detailed explanation can be found HERE.

Hope this helps!

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