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sleep on train or hotels available with the jr pass?

Sleep on train or hotels available with the JR pass?

Are there accommodation tips or suggestions for people only in the country for the 7 days
Land at Narita on 16 Sep and depart 21 Sep
Need safe, clean, not too expensive places to sleep securely while off the train.O

Or can people sleep on the train like they do in Europe?


Hi there,

There are almost no sleeper trains in Japan. However it is no problem if you fall asleep on your seat.

When it comes to accommodations, look at hostels these are very nice in Japan, generally these are clear and well maintained. Just have a look at, some of the bigger booking websites also offer hostel stays. Other alternatives are capsule hotels in the bigger cities or even an overnight stay at an Internet cafe.

Hope this helps,

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There are actually some discounts you can get with the JR Pass at some JR affiliated hotels, but honestly, you could find someplace cheaper yourself and still stay in a place that is clean, quiet and comfortable.

Just do a google search for "business hotels in Japan" and you should find several national chains pop up.


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