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should we purchase the 7 day pass?

Should we purchase the 7 day pass?

I have a few questions before we make the decision to purchase the 7 days pass....

Does the JR pass include subway systems in Tokyo and Kyoto?

Is the 7 days valid for 168 hours. For example we land late in the evening on Wednesday (around 8pm), if we pick up the tickets upon arrival at Narita airport will our tickets be valid to the same time the following Wednesday (8pm)? Or will we have to buy extra tickets for the last Wednesday?

We plan to do 4 nights in Tokyo, 2 nights in Kyoto and 1 night around Mount Fuji, before returning to Tokyo Narita. Would it be more financially viable to buy the 7 day pass or to purchase the tickets to each city separately?



Hi there,

Unfortunately, the JR-Pass does not cover the metro in Tokyo or Kyoto but you can use local JR-lines in Tokyo to get around most places.

The validity of the pass is counted in days and the first day of use is counted as a full day. For instance if you activate it on a Wednesday it will be valid until the end of the next Thuesday.

Here is little analasys of ticket prices without the JR-Pass.

Tokyo --> Kyoto ¥ 13,020
Kyoto --> Otsuki (for train Fujikyu train to Fuji-san) ¥ 14,250
Tokyo --> Narita Airport ¥ 2,740

For a total of ¥ 30,010 the JR-Pass ¥ 28,300 so you would be able to save ¥ 1,710 and use it on local trains in Tokyo to add to the savings. Note that I left the first trip from Narita Airport --> Tokyo out as it would fall out of the 7-day period. I would recommand buying a Keisei Liner + Unlimited metro package for your first day in Tokyo, it is a great way to get around and save some money on the metro!

Hope this helps,

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